Learners of the Week

Wednesday, 16th October 2019

Learners of the Week

Congratulations to all our Learners of the Week.

The Learners of the Week for last week are …………..


Y7      Olivia O

Olivia has had two nominations this week. Miss Atkinson nominated Olivia for her enthusiasm and motivation in PE and her caring and encouraging manner towards other students. In Citizenship, Mr Clarke said that Olivia makes wonderful contributions to class discussion and leads debate in class.


Y8        Rhys B

Rhys was nominated by his class: 8Y1 (and Mrs Howbridge). He always works hard. His work is quick, accurate and he is able to explain what he understands clearly. He often completes extension work and helps others in the class. Well done!


Y9           Honey E

Honey was nominated by Mrs McGuiness for a wonderful Dickens presentation in English. Honey had carefully researched the information, compiled the information into a poster and spoke confidently to her peers. Well done Honey!


Y10      Rhys M

Rhys was nominated by Mrs Nicholson in GCSE PE. He has an excellent attitude towards learning. He is always on task and finishes work quickly. Rhys asks for extra work when finished. Very impressed!!


Y11         Lucy H

Lucy was nominated by Mr McArdle for Biology. Lucy is the first student in my teaching career to correctly hypothesise why giraffes have evolved to have long necks. Brilliant!


Y12       Charlotte R

Charlotte was nominated by Mrs Wallace. She has an excellent attitude in lessons and is determined to do well which shows in her attitude to class work, home work and revision tasks. In her recent mini mock exam she gained a grade above her target which is down to her hard work and dedication.


Y13         Molly S

Molly was nominated by Mrs Wallace. She is always eager to help, both in class and outside of class. Molly enjoys getting involved in additional activities and helping other year groups. This week Molly has also shown her organisation/planning skills as well as an eagerness towards revision. Molly has bought revision cards, new file dividers and plastic wallets to ensure she is fully prepared.


The Headteachers Learner of the Week is Rhys B




The strengthening of care and support has had a positive impact on most pupils. It was clearly visible when inspectors met pupils during the inspection. They demonstrated confidence as learners, and typically enjoyed positive interactions with one another and adults.

Ofsted 2018

Students benefit from an education which enables them to move on to further success when they leave.

Ofsted 2018

Pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is effective.

Ofsted 2018

Leaders have taken positive steps to widen pupils’ participation in the range of cultural, creative and sporting activities that take place beyond lessons, including for the significant proportion of pupils who do not live locally.

Ofsted 2018

Students’ outcomes are good. A significant proportion of students typically attain the highest grades, including at A* to B, at A Level.

Ofsted 2018