Ebook and Audiobook Library

NEW! eBook and Audiobook Online Library Service!

You can’t come to the School Library at the moment, but now the School Library can come to you!

Introducing Wheelers ePlatform to the Caldew School library - there are almost 2000 ebooks and audiobooks titles for you to choose from, and access wherever you are!

There are 2 main ways to access the new e-collection:

1.         Download the app  for iOS or Android smartphones or tablets

2.         Browse the  Caldew ePlatform Catalogue

You can read and listen to your choices either in the dedicated ePlatform app, or in the internet browser on any device or computer.

The collection works in the same way as with physical books - if you are borrowing a copy of a book, no one else can check out that copy until you return it. You can borrow 2 items at a time, and keep each copy for up to two weeks, after which it will be automatically returned.  If you’re a fast reader and want to borrow something new before the two weeks are up, no problem!  Simply return the item manually once you’re finished with it.


Setting up the ePlatform app

1.         Download the app for  iOS / Android using this link, or via the your app store (search for  ePlatform)

2.         Open the app and tap "FIND YOUR LIBRARY"

3.         Start typing "Caldew" into the search box, and select Caldew School when it appears

4.         Tap the menu button in the top left hand corner (the three lines icon)

5.         Tap "SIGN IN"

6.         Tap the "Sign In" button.

7.         Sign in using your Caldew school email address. The password is: books

8.         Start browsing! You will only need to do this setup process once.


Using the Caldew School ePlatform catalogue
1.         Go to Caldew’s ePlatform page and click "Sign In" in the top right corner. Then click the "Sign In" button, and use your school email address* to log in. The password is: books

2.         Start browsing or search for a title, series, author or genre. When you've found something you like, click on the cover, then click "Borrow".

3.         If the book you want to borrow is not available, you will have the option to Reserve it, and you will be notified when the book is ready for you.

4.         You can narrow your search using the options along the side of the page - for example, if you only want to search for audiobooks, tick the box under the FORMAT heading.

5.         You can also make lists of books that you want to read later - just click the "Save for later" button in the top right hand corner of the book detail page, or the little bookmark icon on the main listing view. You can access your list at any time by clicking on the "Saved" button in the main menu bar at the top of the page.

6.         Look out for the headphones icon on the book cover, indicating an audiobook.

7.         You can read or listen to your chosen titles from within your browser. If you prefer, you can download the it to your computer - see here for more help.


*Your school Email address is the year your started Caldew school, followed by your surname and initial

e.g. for the academic year 2019-20:

Year 6 = 20SmithJ@pupil.caldew.cumbria.sch.uk 

Year 7 = 19SmithJ@pupil.caldew.cumbria.sch.uk

Year 8 = 18SmithJ@pupil.caldew.cumbria.sch.uk

Year 9 = 17SmithJ@pupil.caldew.cumbria.sch.uk

Year 10 = 16SmithJ@pupil.caldew.cumbria.sch.uk

Year 11 = 15SmithJ@pupil.caldew.cumbria.sch.uk

Year 12 = 14SmithJ@pupil.caldew.cumbria.sch.uk

Year 13 = 13SmithJ@pupil.caldew.cumbria.sch.uk



If you have any problems using this service, please contact Mrs Bell on Rachel.Bell@caldew.cumbria.sch.uk




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Ofsted 2018

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Ofsted 2018

The strengthening of care and support has had a positive impact on most pupils. It was clearly visible when inspectors met pupils during the inspection. They demonstrated confidence as learners, and typically enjoyed positive interactions with one another and adults.

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