School Closure Work For Students

Welcome to our website page which contains work for students in all Year Groups. As a school we are facing uncertain and challenging times. We are currently doing all we can to provide work for students. This is not without difficulty as many teachers are not in the building and we have limited access to ICT technicians/admin support. There are links for each year group to each of their subjects where work has been set by teachers and will continue to be set on a weekly basis. We recommend that students follow their normal timetables and complete the work accordingly.


A few important notices:

·       Week 2 of all work set began on Monday 13th April 2020. Week 3 will begin Monday 20th April 2020 and continue thereafter.

·       Students DO NOT have to print work out. They can write down answers and compete tasks in books or on paper. Many documents can be edited and saved – see the guidance on “Enable Editing” on our website.

·       Students DO NOT have to send the work in or email it to teachers. They need to keep the work for now for use at a later date.

·       Please note that on the website there is a help and support section for any ICT issues/queries


 There are also lots of signposts to online learning on our website which may be useful to parents/carers and students.


Many thanks for your support and understanding at this difficult time.


Additional Literacy Work:

Additional Numeracy Work:

Support for Dyslexic Students :




Pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is effective.

Ofsted 2018

Students’ outcomes are good. A significant proportion of students typically attain the highest grades, including at A* to B, at A Level.

Ofsted 2018

Leaders have taken positive steps to widen pupils’ participation in the range of cultural, creative and sporting activities that take place beyond lessons, including for the significant proportion of pupils who do not live locally.

Ofsted 2018

Leaders’ plans to support the pastoral transition of pupils from primary school are thorough. Year 7 pupils with whom Inspectors spoke were positive about the school.

Ofsted 2018

Students benefit from an education which enables them to move on to further success when they leave.

Ofsted 2018