Year 7 Email & Firefly Instructions

Year 7 Email and Firefly Instructions


The following will explain how you can access your school email and how to activate your Firefly account so that you can find the work that teachers have set for you in your absence.


Logging into the School Email

1. Go to the Caldew School website and click ‘Log In’ at the top.

2. Click on ‘Student Mail’

3. Enter your school email address. If your name is John Smith, it would be:                                        The number at the start of the address is dependent on the year you started Caldew.   (Year 7 – 21)

4. Enter the password: Caldew21 (NB. Capital C)

5. Once you have logged in, you can change the password to one of your own choice. Please make sure that you make a note of this somewhere safe.

How to Activate Firefly:

1. Go to You will see the screen below. Click on “Logging in for the 
    first time? Activate your account”.

2. You will then see the screen below. Type in your school email address and then click on “Activate 
    account”. If your name is John Smith, it would be: The number at 
    the start of the address is dependent on the year you started Caldew (Year 7 – 21). 

3. You will then see a message that tells you to check your mailbox. Go to your school email and look 
    for a new email from Firefly. 

4. Open the email and click on “Activate Your Account Here”.

5. You will then need to pick a password. Remember to write this down so you remember it! 

6. You are all set!


The Basics of Firefly:

Finding the work set by teachers:

Students will receive lesson instructions and tasks via the “Tasks” section on Firefly.

Click on each of the tasks set for a full description of what to do. 

Marking tasks as done

When students have completed a task they need to let teachers know. To do this:

1. Go to the task.

2. Choose “Mark as done”. 

Please watch the following video for a tour of the basics. This includes:

-A quick tour

-Viewing your tasks

-Marking tasks as done 

-Submitting work

-Viewing your marks


IT Support

We are offering a support service to students who are unable to access their school resources. We will be able to help with login issues for School Email, Firefly and Office365.

For support, please email:

A technician will contact you as soon as they can. Please provide as much information as you can in your email, including your login name, and screenshots if possible. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR PASSWORD.


Pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is effective.

Ofsted 2018

The strengthening of care and support has had a positive impact on most pupils. It was clearly visible when inspectors met pupils during the inspection. They demonstrated confidence as learners, and typically enjoyed positive interactions with one another and adults.

Ofsted 2018

Students make good progress because of the typically strong standard of teaching.

Ofsted 2018

Leaders’ plans to support the pastoral transition of pupils from primary school are thorough. Year 7 pupils with whom Inspectors spoke were positive about the school.

Ofsted 2018

The support for pupils with an education, health and care (EHC) plan is matched to their specific requirements. Consequently, these pupils typically make good progress and move on to next steps in education and employment.

Ofsted 2018