Library Clubs

If you are interested in joining any or all of our clubs, please come along to the library and see Mrs Bell.

Book Club

This club is open to all, and meets on Wednesday lunchtimes in the library. During the Autumn term we discuss, debate and argue about the books we’ve all been reading. During the Spring/Summer term we take part in Spellbinding, the local Cumbrian Schools Book award.  Students nominate, read, discuss and eventually vote for the book they want to win the award, and two members of the club come to the annual award day.

If you love reading and talking about books, recommending books and getting recommendations from other like-minded people, then book club is for you!

If you’d like inspiration or ideas of what to read next, why not have a look at our online recommended reading lists here

Books for Brekkie

This new club on Tuesday breaks is for Years 7 – 9 only. If you want somewhere to escape from the hurly burly of school life and just read your book quietly whilst enjoying a drink of hot chocolate, then this is the club for you. Attendance is limited to 18 students each week, with a ticket system for admission. Come and see Mrs Bell for more details.

Kindle Club

Kindle club is a bit different to the other library clubs, in that it doesn't actually meet as a group!  The library currently has twelve Kindles, which are loaded with a range of up to date popular teen fiction, as well as some well-loved classic titles.  Students can borrow these and take them home, but in order to do so you need to enroll in the Kindle Club and sign a Membership Agreement to look after the machines whilst in your care, and the use them appropriately.  As well as being able to borrow the Kindles, Club members also have the right to request new titles to be added to them!

Leaders have created a welcoming and supportive environment at this school. Pupils and students achieve well in their learning. They are well prepared for their next steps in education, employment and training.

Ofsted 2022

There is a strong culture of safeguarding in place, with clear systems to record any concerns. Leaders keep safeguarding relevant to all members of the school community through regular updates, training, alerts and reminders.

Ofsted 2022

Staff have high expectations for pupils’ and students’ behaviour and learning. Pupils and students behave well in lessons and around the school site. They are polite to each other and look out for others in the school.

Ofsted 2022

An effective programme of personal development has been created for pupils in key stages 3 and 4. This prepares pupils well for their future, giving them opportunities to have important discussions about healthy relationships, social and moral issues.

Ofsted 2022

Leaders have made significant progress in improving the school since the previous inspection. They have focused on creating a broad and ambitious curriculum which meets the needs of pupils and students, including those with special educational needs and /or disabilities (SEND).

Ofsted 2022