In Catchment Transport

If you live within the catchment area for Caldew School, transport is organised by Cumbria County Council.

Further information is available from or alternatively, telephone 01228 226427 or 01228 226428. Any queries related to school transport for those living in catchment should be directed to the Council.

Parents/carers must apply for school transport through Cumbria County Council.

Out of Catchment Transport

If you live outside the catchment area for Caldew, parents/carers are responsible for their child’s transport arrangements.

The Council operates a Spare Seat Scheme to assist parents/carers, which involves making available, at a charge, spare capacity on vehicles contracted to take children entitled to free transport to and from school. The current cost is £410 per year, payable in termly instalments of £165, £155 and £90. It should be noted that the position regarding the availability of spare seats will not be known until after the start of the academic year and it must be stressed that, until you are advised by Cumbria County Council that a seat is available, you must make appropriate arrangements to get your child to school.

Currently there are several pay-to-ride services which our students use

  • Stagecoach 91/91A - A Caldew School Schoolrider currently costs £16.00 per week. Please contact Stagecoach directly on 01228 819090 for further information.
  • Irvings of Dalston - £2.50 per day. Please contact Irving of Dalston directly on 01228 710810 for further information. Please note that this route is very popular and a waiting list may be in operation
  • Reays 74/75 - Child ticket £3.00 per day or £12.00 per week. Please contact Reays directly on 016973 49999 for further information

There is also a regular train service between Carlisle, Dalston and Wigton, operated by Northern Rail. Visit for train times and ticket prices.

Transport for 6th Form Students

Transport arrangements for 6th Form students who live in catchment are different than for students in Years 7 - 11. Free transport for 6th Form students will only be available from Cumbria County Council in the following circumstances:

  • Qualifying Post-16 students from ‘low income’ families;
  • Qualifying Post-16 students who have a learning difficulty and/or disability.

For students who do not meet either of these criteria, spare capacity on vehicles contracted by the Cumbria County Council for students with a statutory entitlement to transport will be offered to Post-16 Education Providers at a cost of £410 per seat per year (payable in three termly instalments). This process is administered by Caldew School, and any queries should be directed to the Admin Office in the first instance.

Students benefit from an education which enables them to move on to further success when they leave.

Ofsted 2018

Leaders have taken positive steps to widen pupils’ participation in the range of cultural, creative and sporting activities that take place beyond lessons, including for the significant proportion of pupils who do not live locally.

Ofsted 2018

Leaders’ plans to support the pastoral transition of pupils from primary school are thorough. Year 7 pupils with whom Inspectors spoke were positive about the school.

Ofsted 2018

Students make good progress because of the typically strong standard of teaching.

Ofsted 2018

Pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is effective.

Ofsted 2018