The Admissions Authority for Caldew School is the Governing Body. Each year it publishes an Admissions Policy. There is also a separate Sixth Form Admissions Policy.

Our Published Admissions Number for each year group is 174 students and in recent years the school has been fully subscribed for new entrants into Year 7.

Applying to join Year 7

Students in Year 6 need to apply for a place at Caldew School through the central Cumbria County Council Admissions service.  The details of how to do this are available on their website at

Applying to join the school in other year groups?

Admissions to the School will be considered during term time but are dependent on a place being available in the relevant year group. The School uses the Cumbria County Council in year school place application system. The relevant form is available from the County Council. If you would like to arrange to visit the school or discuss the admissions process please contact Sheila Taylor.


Due to unforeseen circumstances we regret that we are unable to hear the appeals on the date of 18th May.  Any Appeal hearings will be heard as soon as possible.

As an Academy Converter School the Governing Body is the admissions authority. If the school is unable to admit a student because the year group is full, every parent has the right to request an appeal through the Appeals Panel.

The Panel is independent of the School and will listen to both sides before making a balanced judgement about whether a student should be admitted or not. If you wish to make an appeal about a decision this should be done via the Clerk to Governors, Sarah Connolly at the School.

Pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is effective.

Ofsted 2018

Leaders have taken positive steps to widen pupils’ participation in the range of cultural, creative and sporting activities that take place beyond lessons, including for the significant proportion of pupils who do not live locally.

Ofsted 2018

The strengthening of care and support has had a positive impact on most pupils. It was clearly visible when inspectors met pupils during the inspection. They demonstrated confidence as learners, and typically enjoyed positive interactions with one another and adults.

Ofsted 2018

Leaders’ plans to support the pastoral transition of pupils from primary school are thorough. Year 7 pupils with whom Inspectors spoke were positive about the school.

Ofsted 2018

Students benefit from an education which enables them to move on to further success when they leave.

Ofsted 2018